Migrate License

FooBar From CodeCanyon Has Been Retired!

If you purchased FooBar from CodeCanyon, please note that the CodeCanyon version has been retired, and is no longer being maintained and updated.

New And Improved!

We have rewritten a completely new version of FooBar from the group up! It has a new and improved modern design and has many more features available.

Migrate Your CodeCanyon License

Migrate your active CodeCanyon license across to our new licensing system and get 3 months of use for FREE!

As a thanks for your previous support, we are offering 50% for any new license you purchase! Use the code byecc

If you have any issues migrating, please contact us at support.foobar@fooplugins.com

Why Are We Doing This?

We knew a while ago that FooBar needed an overhaul. It was a popular plugin 8 years ago, but it needed a fresh new look. We also knew that there were some limitations in the old code, so we decided to completely rewrite it from the ground up. Every line of code is new and nothing was ported over. We wanted a fresh start and with that came fresh new ideas.

We also wanted to move away from CodeCanyon. We use Freemius as our licensing system for all our plugins, so we wanted a seamless way for you to move across to that system with as little friction as possible.


It feels like I am being forced to migrate? Do I have to migrate?
Absolutely not! You can choose to stay on the old FooBar plugin, but please note that it will no longer be updated, supported or maintained.

Why are you moving to a new system?
All of our plugins use Freemius, and we want consistency across all our products. It is also a far superior system that allows you to have a single account area for all our plugins.

It’s cool that we get 3 months free usage, but what happens after 3 months?
There are a few options. You can choose to do nothing, and the plugin will revert to the free version (which still has loads of awesome features). You can also choose to purchase a subscription and license at a discounted price.