Troubleshooting Guidelines

If you encounter problems with FooBar, we recommend that your follow these steps, which have helped others before:

  • Update to the latest version – Always make sure you are using the most recent version, as we fix bugs and issues all the time.
  • Clear / purge / delete your website cache – Your caching mechanism may be caching an older version of the plugin or not including newer scripts or stylesheets. Whether you use a plugin for caching or your host provides built-in caching, please purge your website caches!
  • Check for errors on the page – Open your developer tools console in the browser and check if there are javascript errors on the page. Most problems we encounter are due to javascript conflicts and errors.
  • Isolate the problem – Sometimes, conflicts with other plugins and themes cause issues. If you have a staging environment and are able to, then disable all plugins except FooBar, and revert to the built in WP theme. Then check if you still have the issue. If not, then you have a plugin or theme conflict. You can determine what the culprit is by activating your theme/plugins ONE AT A TIME, and then testing again. If a test fails, then you have found the conflicting plugin or theme. You can also use the Health Check plugin to debug your site.
  • Check your Site Health – The native WordPress Site Health tool will warn you of potential issues that could be affecting your site’s health. Check here for any indication of potential issues.